Why I hire a professional photographer for all listings – Travis Moelker, RE/MAX of Grand Rapids


Showcasing my client’s properties in the best possible light is very important to me.  It’s all about the attention to detail – I want my clients to see that I take great pride in marketing their homes to their fullest potential.   I think we can all attest that we’ve seen listings with photos that are too dark, too small, or are fuzzy and hard to make out.   How did that make you feel about that home? Did you simply pass that listing by and head on to the next in your online search?

First impressions are SO important and that starts with great images!  A professional photographer knows how to photograph a property’s interior and exterior to make your rooms feel spacious, and the landscapes expansive.  They find the best angles so that buyers can appreciate what your home has to offer.  They adjust lighting to make sure all of the wonderful features buyers want to see are clear and visible.  They know the file format and size for optimal online viewing so that buyers aren’t squinting trying to view the photos – they appear large and crisp!  They take the time to turn on all lights, lamps, shades, and curtains so that a home feels welcome and inviting.

What Else do I do? A professional photographer is just the start when marketing a home effectively.

Below are a few of the additional ways I serve my clients:

1.  Detailed and well-written listing descriptions.   Showcasing your home in the best, most inviting way!

2. Accurate and factual information about your property SO BUYERS CAN FIND YOU!  (PRIME EXAMPLE: Incorrectly listing a home in the city of Hudsonville when it is located in Georgetown township.  Even though this seems like a simple mistake, a buyer may rule out your property out based on the fact that they are only searching for homes with more economical taxes in Georgetown township. )

3.  Office Hours: Anytime you or buyers agents need me!  The job of a Realtor is morning, noon, and night.  I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I will take your calls, texts, or emails at all hours and do my best to stay on top of what’s new and communicate with you as things happen.

There’s many more reasons to hire me – check out my Marketing magazine showcased all through out my website to see why you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great weekend  – Travis 🙂